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CBD/CBG Vape with Delta 8 - "CB8"

CBD/CBG Vape with Delta 8 - "CB8"

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Our CBD/CBG/DELTA 8 - (CB8) vape cartridges come in a FULL 1 gram/ (1000mg) cartridge filled with our all natural proprietary blend of full spectrum cannabis terpenes blended to perfection.  


Please charge overnight before the first use.  


    Our CBD/CBG/DELTA 8 - (CB8) vape cartridges feature a clear glass tank with a ceramic heater. They come in a FULL 1 gram cartridge with an automatic air flow switch and rechargeable USB battery, ready for use. Staying as close to the natural plant is key to our proprietary blend, utilizing only the plants natural cannabinoids, flavanols and natural terpenes that work synergistically to give you the most balanced effect in a 1:1 ratio of CBD/CBG/Delta 8. We start with the finest raw organic hemp and use a clean CO2 extraction method to produce the oil that is used for all of our products. We only use natural cannabis terpenes. Ever. This gives our vape cartridges a unique blended flavor of the true cannabis plant. Our products are manufactured in a cGMP certified lab and have been 3rd party lab tested for harsh chemicals and toxins leaving you only with the true flavor of natural terpenes and no after taste.





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