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What is the 'Texas Ounce'

The 'Tx Oz' is a slang term that we coined to describe what 'giving a little extra' means to us.

In the South some call it 'lagniappe', bakers call it a 'bakers dozen', here in Texas we say 'Texas Ounce'. 

It may have started with a 30 gram ounce, but has come to represent the 'little extra' that you will get with all of our products!

Whether our competition realizes it or not, the modern legal hemp / cannabis markets all stand on the shoulders of giants. 
The ones that have made this plant a part of their lives.
The ones that have sacrificed time with their families, their livelihoods, and far too often their freedom. 

We want to thank them, because without them we would not be here today.

Yes, the #TxOz is a nod to them.
The real "Legends Of Cannabis".

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