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About Us.

Honey Hills TX was founded in 2019 by Leann and Philip Salmons.

Our cannabis/hemp journey began back in 2015 when Philip moved to Colorado to pursue his passion for cannabis and organic farming.  He and his partners established arguably the most respected extraction lab in Colorado, producing some of the best cannabis products in the state.  Recognizing the need to start with high quality organic cannabis for our crafted cannabis products, Philip and his partners then designed, built, and operated a completely organic outdoor cannabis farm in southern Colorado. This vertical integration of the lab and cultivation facility enabled us to create consistently high quality products that were free of any pesticides, toxic chemicals, or other harmful ingredients.

We are not a startup, we are a 'start over'

Back to 2019.  Texas is our home, and we are finally able to bring  all of the knowledge we learned in Colorado back to Texas !  In 2019, HB1325 passed without opposition and gave Texas (back) our rights to cultivate hemp in our home state of Texas!  Philip took this opportunity to  move back home to be with his wife Leann and to build their dream cultivation facility together right here in Caldwell Texas at our family farm. We are not fly-by-night newcomers to Texas, our roots run deep.  Our farm has been in the family since the mid 1830's!  The farm is located in one of the most fertile areas of Texas just south of College Station.  We also have access to the best water in the county, coming from a very deep aquifer.
Philip served on the Texas Ag Commissioner's Industrial Hemp Council, and has worked closely with the TDA to advise and guide the implementation of the new Texas hemp program. 

The 2018 Farm Bill and HB 1325 has now made it possible to provide pursue this same "seed to product" quality in our newly legalized Texas hemp market.  

Meet Our Tribe

The People Behind the Scenes


Philip Salmons

Cultivator, Manager, book keeper, farm boy and janitor


Leann Salmons

The Real Boss

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