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10mg Delta-9 Gummies - Night Time

10mg Delta-9 Gummies - Night Time

SKU: 196852344512


10mg delta 9 THC

10mg CBN

175mg CBD

Huckleberry & Rasberry Natural Flavoring

3rd Party Lab Tested


    Our NIGHTTIME GUMMIES are derived from only INDICA dominant cannabis strains, so our customers say that they have had a relaxing and enjoyable experience while falling asleep faster.

    EACH GUMMY is packed with 175MG’s of organically grown CBD, plus 10+MG’s of FULLY ACTIVATED THC, PLUS 10MG’s of naturally derived CBN in every gummy. CBN is believed to help with sleep aid.

    Every single one of our products is made with fully activated THC. Not all THC is created equal and there are different forms of cheap imitation and synthetic forms of THC. The lower the quality, the less effective the THC becomes.

    For example, you don’t have the same alcoholic beverage experience with Ever Clear, as you would have sitting down with a quality glass of whiskey, bourbon or wine?
    This example is also true with your cannabis experience, too much THC can be a negative experience for some people, even at bedtime.

    We only use real cannabis terpenes, so the rich cannabis flavor is tasted from beginning to end. Our proprietary blend of HUCKLEBERRY flavored gummies are extracted and procured from the finest, organic fruit to blending together huckleberry, raspberry and other fruits for that sweet but savory fruit flavor. We top them off with a sprinkle of raw organic sugar just to make sure your nighttime experience is “Dreamy”.

    Our customers say our gummies help them with sleeping, relaxation, anxiety, body inflammation, restlessness, aches and pains, but we are NOT doctors, so we can’t make medical claims.

    No one likes a cheap imitation. So sleep tight  knowing you will sleep like a baby. Nighty Night! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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